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Mar 31, 2016

Namaste and thank you for tuning into the Yoga Revealed Podcast Blogpost! Today we highlight Yoga Pod Franchise Founders Gerry And Nicole Wienholt . This is a prime interview for you if you have any interest in the Business of YOGA!

Gerry and Nicole are based in Boulder, Colorado where the birth of Yoga Pod started. In this interview we hear what it takes to not only run a yoga studio, but to be sustained financially and nourished in the building of a Yoga Community. Yoga Pod Teachers are valued with highly respected characteristics which are guaranteed to influence your relationship with fellow Students, Teachers, and all people in general!


This Husband and Wife Partner are examples for each of us to embrace the Yoga of Relationship!

What are the catalysts to success in business? How do we handle setbacks and have the strength to carry through? Hear this and MORE about holding integrity to Yoga while making profits in the Yoga Industry.


Learn how to make your PASSION into your PROFESSION!

Our Yoga Revealed Listeners! We have EXCITING news from you from the generous hearts of Gerry and Nicole. By Listening to this podcast in full and mentioning The Yoga Revealed Podcast to any of the Yoga Pod Locations below, you will be eligible to receive 10% off the SEVA Yoga Teacher Training program!   Visit for more information


Current Open Locations:

  1. Boulder, CO
  2. Cherry Creek, CO
  3. LoDo, CO
  4. SouthGlenn, CO
  5. College Station, TX
  6. Waco, TX

Upcoming Locations for 2016:

  1. Denver West, CO
  2. Centennial, CO
  3. Denver Tech Center, CO
  4. Denver University, CO
  5. Delray Beach, FL
  6. Reno, NV
  7. The Woodlands, TX
  8. Houston, TX
  9. Minneapolis, MN


If you are interested in Starting a Yoga Pod Franchise and would like to learn more about it please visit


Book suggestions:

  1. A Life Worth Breathing: A Yoga Master's Handbook of Strength, Grace, and Healing - by Max Strom
  2. The Path of the Yoga Sutras - by Nicolai Bachman
  3. Peace Is Every Step - Thich Nhat Hanh

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Your Brother,


Alec Rouben


Love life!  

Mar 28, 2016

"The most important thing for us teachers is to Open Our HEARTS, and NEVER Give Up on any of your students." - Maty Ezraty 

Namaste Yogis, This is Andrew Sealy here to welcome you to The YOGA REVEALED PODCAST! Today we immerse ourselves in the wisdom of Maty Ezraty, the founder of the world renowned Yoga franchise, Yoga Works. Maty is a true Yoga trailblazer who has led the rapid expansion of Yoga internationally through her passion for teaching the pure essence of Yoga.  Her students include world renowned teachers such as Seane Corn, Krista Kahil, and Vennie Marino. Alec and I caught up with Maty in the beautiful atmosphere of Wanderlust Oahu after an amazing backbend class that had our spines invigorated and aligned. Tap into this interview as Maty graciously shows her immense compassion and deep wisdom. With her words she takes us on a journey to how Yoga was first revealed to her and how she has helped to share it with Millions worldwide.

Be prepared to rise with your Heart as Maty shares her passionate Art on this invigorating episode of the Yoga Revealed Podcast.


Maty Reveals to us:

1. How we as teachers can learn to teach out of their comfort zone and stay fresh in teaching new content. 

2. How to lead people through a Yoga Sequence that leads students to their hearts. 

3. Creating a meditation practice as a Yoga Teacher. 


Tap into the knowledge of this episode as Maty reveals her depth of knowledge for teaching Yoga and tips to take your teaching awareness to the next level! For more awesome Yoga Revealed episodes Be sure to subscribe on iTunes, and drop us a 5 star review if you truly appreciate the interviews we do!

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Blessings always from Andrew and Alec.

Mar 24, 2016

Namaste, Yoga Revealed Community! Today it is my pleasure to introduce to you one of

Boulder, Colorado’s favorite Yoga Teachers, Gina Caputo! She is more widely known as

CAPTAiN COLORADO and is our very own badass in holding space for yogic knowledge,

anatomy, and Yoga Education.

I first met Gina Caputo at at public class in Boulder a few years ago and was instantly taken by her zest for life, enthusiasm, and genuine interest in providing attention to her students, who she so humbly treats as mutual friends on the path of life. Three years later, I would be a student in one of her 300 hour Training intensives. Gina has a wealth of knowledge about the body and shares it in the most accessible manner I have seen thus far!

In this interview which takes place at the newly erected Colorado School of Yoga in Boulder, Gina and I talk about her experience as a Teacher's Assistant for over 10 years, why yoga education is fundamental to the success of a student and teacher in this practice, and so much more! Gina brings the more esoteric and lofty ideas found in yoga and a full spectrum of posture difficulty to the most least likely individual to practice yoga, allowing yoga to become accessible for the people. What is YOGA? what is ENERGY? Two huge topics we tap into through this interview.

Gina’s vision of the Colorado School of Yoga is to band together a community of yogis interested in collective growth and Elevating Yoga Education. You can visit her website at for more information. She leads year round trainings in Boulder, Colorado and The Yoga Revealed Podcast highly encourages you to check them out! Also,

Check out her event page at the CSOY website, finding community classes, exciting workshops, and guest teachers; all designed to help you advance your practice AND grow as a Yoga Teacher.

You can Follow Gina on facebook at! Gina is all about reading and SELF­STUDY and she suggests these three books:

Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Happier by Tal Ben­Shahar, Ph. D

Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

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Until next time, Love life, and Shine on!

Mar 21, 2016

Namaste Yogis, This is Andrew Sealy here to welcome YOU to The YOGA REVEALED PODCAST! Today we get deep with Irene Papas otherwise known as FitQueen Irene.  Get ready to be truly inspired by her motivational journey to Yoga and her humble path to honoring her body, mind, and soul. Listen close as she reveals the truth about how she sees Instagram and how it has changed her life.



Tune on in as we go beyond the backbend with Irene Papas, or as you may know her as FitQueen Irene, on this episode of Yoga Revealed Podcast.


Thank you for tuning into this episode of the Yoga Revealed Podcast with FitQueen Irene.  Make sure to check out for more details on her upcoming classes, travel schedule. For additional detailed videos of her instruction, be sure to look into her new Cody App Plans.

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Mar 17, 2016

Today on The YogaRevealed Podcast, we tune in with Colorado’s Hanuman Festival Director, Yoshi Aono!  Yoshi reveals how he stays focused to the purity of yoga while running a successful business. Yoshi began his journey on the beaches of Kauai, Hawaii in 1989. His Asana (postural) practice evolved overtime, after he was through touring America in a rockband. Boulder, Colorado has been home base for 26 years, which spawned the birth of one of the Worlds most prestigious yoga gatherings, The Hanuman Festival.

“Whatever you do in life, you gather your skill sets so you can go into your next endeavors...and do it with that much more experience. It is apart of being an entrepreneur.”  Yoshi, Yogi-preneur, believes we all have a purpose and we are here to make a difference, thus creating a better existence for us all. His offering to the world is through creating and maintaining The Hanuman Festival. The Hindu God Hanuman is the ultimate devoted yogi, in undying service to Sita and Ram, thus inspiring the name of the festival, Yoshi explained. This festival is committed to the transformation that yoga provides, which is Yoshi’s fuel to keep going. Hanuman Festival brings in the worlds most renown yoga instructors from across the world, from dozens of styles and lineages of practice.


Going into their 6th year, Hanuman Festival has gone through challenges and stipulations. Success in any business takes time, persistence, and trust in order to get out there and make a difference through your business. Having a business connected to a self-transformational practice is an entirely different conversation. How to be profitable while honoring both parties involved is the unique challenge brought to the table. The receiver and the presenter must be in unison to the intention; to transform and evolve. It takes balance.


What is yoga? Yoshi found in the financial world that money could be made from endeavors. But he asked deeper questions. Why are we here? What are we contributing towards the evolution of humanity and what are we doing for our community? Creating this festival gave Yoshi the drive to move past the challenges and shadow of having just a normal business. He wanted to create something special. He creates a safe space for internal transformation to take place inside the festival grounds.




Yoshi and his partner, Dayna, created Hanuman Adventures which takes on the normal yoga retreat and vamps it up with how to give back. Yoshi takes you to sacred sites around the globe and yes, you eat great food, practice yoga in amazing places, but you enter the culture and the community. Hanuman Adventures help build community homes, clean up underprivileged areas, and work with kids. You truly tap into the sacred land itself. Understanding and gaining a perspective of how other people live on this planet offers gratitude to us for the life we live. This is why Hanuman Festival exists. To create a profound transformation on and off the yoga mat. Yoshi will go to Bali in March 2016 and Peru in October 2016.

5 Tips on how to run a business in the Yoga Industry

- Be realistic, be viable as a company. Have a business model and plan.

-Have a positive relationship with money. It is OKAY to make money. Provide something of extreme value.

-Have devotion to community & create something unique.

-Never give up. Be committed.

-Be efficient.

Mar 14, 2016

Namaste Yogis! Andrew Sealy here to welcome you to another exciting episode of The YOGA REVEALED PODCAST!


Today we connect with Krista Cahill, an experienced teacher’s teacher with a passion for inversions and conscious living. Krista shares how her practiced evolved from a rigorous dance background into finding the courage to have sympathy and kindness for her body in practice. We dive deep into her passion for saving our ocean’s ecosystem, her connection with her master teacher Maty Ezraty and her changed perspective on social media.


Get ready to let your passion grow, as we go toe to toe with Krista Cahill on this episode of the Yoga Revealed podcast.


For more information on Krista Cahill make sure to check out www.KurmaAlliance.ORG and

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Mar 10, 2016

Thanks for tuning into the Yoga Revealed Blogpost!


Jason Bowman: Meditation and the Nature of Reality


“My First Vipassana. It was earth shattering, it was one of the most intense experiences of both desperation and ecstasy. I felt like it was the first time I tasted the things I had been mentally absorbing what I had heard for year through Yoga Study. I didn’t really know it until I was empty of experience.”

“It took me a number of years to get to a point when I could sit every day- or i really wanted to sit everyday. At some point there was a shift within myself, where it became evident as my practice in sitting wasn’t something that i needed to check off my list in the morning anymore. I actually wanted to wake up and sit.”

Over the weekend I had the privilege to continue my studies in the Colorado School of Yoga with Gina Caputo (whom will be on the podcast, check back soon about Higher Education in Yoga Studies!) Jason Bowman was a guest teacher through the weekend offering his experience. For his age, he has a plethora of wisdom that has been poured into his being, integrating it patiently in order to share it authentically with the world. This is one of his great gifts. He is a natural speaker and moves with poise and eloquence.


He shared a story in the training that truly owns his own cliches and more so, creates a sense of intention through his words. He is REAL! During a public class some time ago he had shared the students were in Warrior 2 and he had his back facing them, looking at the wall (talking about back muscles) and after he was done cueing, he said, “ Okay. Good.” and then proceeded to laugh out loud and say, “wow! I just said Good, as if I saw you, and I wasn’t even looking at you. Funny.”


It’s a story like that that allows Jason’s perspective and observation of his personal movie to unfold with great awareness. He called himself out and owned it by speaking out loud!


Our interview took place at my home in Boulder, Colorado on a beautiful snowy day! He walks in and instantly get to talking about yoga.


Talking to Jason is always interesting. He is one of the unique individuals who is intriguing no matter what he says. From talking about his practice of meditation in the Vipassana sits, (10 day meditation retreats), to cliches of our yoga world, to the Fear of Death that the yoga practice sets to pacify, into the commodification of yoga. We dive into interesting topics that many may not want to talk about.


Check this episode out and find inspiration to Own Your Self! To Practice Meditation and Sit Still.


Check out his website, has insightful posts on his Blog, beautiful photos he has taken, and upcoming events! Check out his upcoming Moab Retreat coming up in May & Patagonia in October!


His book suggestions are :

  1. The Faraway Nearby by Rebecca Solnit
  2. Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism by Chogyam Trungpa
  3. Love and Other Ways of Dying by Michael Paterniti, The Wallcreeper by Nell Zink


His Vipassana Center Suggestion:


  1. North Fork, CA is the oldest one in the US and probably my favorite that I've been to. It has nice accommodations and mojo. It's also kinda in the middle of nowhere.
  2. Kelseyville, CA is not as nice but small and close to SF. I like it there although you usually don't get your own room, which is obviously nice.
  3. Twenty-nine Palms, CA is near Joshua Tree, I’ve never been there but I hear it's very very plush and beautiful.

Always, We hope that the Podcast simply provides Inspiration for you to BE yoga. Evolving the practice beyond a movement practice, creating space in life for greater intention and higher purpose. Thank you for listening and thank you for reading! Share these posts with excitement as we propel ourselves into evolution!

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With Love Alec

Mar 7, 2016

Namaste Yogis, This is Andrew Sealy here to welcome you to The YOGA REVEALED PODCAST! Today we talk with Dylan Werner, a body movement specialist, an inversion artist, and avid international Yoga teacher whose physical practice is a mere reflection of his deep internal journey of self discovery. I have had the pleasure of practicing with Dylan on multiple occasions, to be pushed by his passion and guided to places that I never though possible in my practice. His understanding of the body mechanics behind the asana brings a dynamic approach to fully grasping the full extent of attention in the Yoga practice.  


Dylan’s story of struggle and growth is more strongly convincing of his devotion to the transformative practice of Yoga than his inspiring Instagram post that have won the following of over 250 thousand followers world wide!  


In this interview I ask Dylan 3 revealing questions that you should look forward to tuning into for the Dylan’s insight and wisdom as a teacher and practitioner:


  1. How we stay humble as our practice and community continues to grow.
  2. Qualities to look for in a teacher who will take you to the next level of your practice.
  3. How to stay committed to the personal practice when times are hard.

Be prepared to dive deep and take the leap on this episode of the Yoga Journey Revealed Podcast with Dylan Werner.

Thank you for tuning into this episode of the Yoga Revealed Podcast with Dylan Werner.  Make sure to check out for Dylan’s teaching schedule and online Cody App classes and immersions. For daily inspiration check out @DylanWernerYoga on instagram and make sure to check out his Youtube channel too.  For more awesome Yoga Revealed episodes Be sure to subscribe on itunes, and drop us a 5 star review if you truly appreciate the interviews we do! We can’t thank you enough for your contribution to the Yoga Revealed Community. Catch us at for a free Manifesto document that will inspire your daily practice and keep you motivated for true growth.  You can find us on Soundcloud, Youtube and Instagram too. Until next time Live Light SHINE BRIGHT yogis!

Mar 3, 2016

Ty Landrum: Illuminating the Practice and Philosophies of Yoga: Lineage & Connection to Others

Namaste, Yoga Revealed Community! Thanks for reading in on this week’s BlogPost, with information and wisdom shared with Ty Landrum, Director of the Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado. Ty is someone who I feel strongly connected to as a genuine example of what it means to be a Yoga Teacher  in 2016. He is dedicated to the path of observing his tendencies and committed to sharing yoga with his community, and anyone that walks through the doors at the Yoga Workshop. You can hear his passion when you speaks. Check this episode out and feel inspired to take your Yoga Practice to the next level!


I first found myself in a Mysore (self-guided primary series practice) after about 2 years of daily practice at CorePower Yoga. Truly, thank god for the Guru’s who brought yoga to West! They made it accessible for our western minds to breathe into a spiritual practice by introducing a form of body movement. As many began practicing this Asana based practice, sometimes they became curious about more of the tradition. Which I believe leads them to Ashtanga Vinyasa or another practice rooted in lineage. I walked into the doors of the Yoga Workshop and was humbled immediately. I left a studio where I was able to ‘nail’ postures and tackle them effortlessly. Moving through the primary series took incredible patience as my body was not yet ready for majority of the poses, which at the time, was foreign to me. and So…...I practiced. And more come to me. My body opened up.


This was under the guidance of Ty Landrum and Richard Freeman’s Wife, Mary Taylor, whom will be on the podcast, check back soon! Ty teaches from an intuitive place, where he feels what is best for the student to be practicing, whether it is simple Surya Namaskar A’s or segments of the standing series, or advancing into the 2nd or 3rd series. It is all relative to the individual, which Ty pays an undivided amount of attention to.


Ty is an authentic being. He speaks with eloquence and charisma. Having been a philosopher professor, his words leave you in wonder. We dive into the lineage of Ashtanga Vinyasa. I believe it is important for our modern day practitioners to simply have an understanding of this practice, as most asana based studios in the West derive from Ashtanga, or Hatha yoga, from one teacher to student and so on.



Over long periods of times, this tendency to react to any form of resistance slowly is diminished. I feel a resistance to practicing quite often. And this is when things get exciting….Listen to the podcast to hear more about this intriguing topic.  



To preface….. We are friends of crying. Tears are an amazing form of releasing emotion built up in the body, without lashing out. To feel….is amazingly Human.


Ty and I discuss why we should practice not crying in yoga. Redirecting the energy to experience them more Raw and more complete, perhaps more multi-dimensional. we do this by decontextualizing the experience. Various emotions produce tears. Sadness is the first. Yet Happiness, inspiration, and naturally mourning calls in tears to the eyes.


This is a powerful and perhaps controversial topic for many. Listen in on Ty’s beautiful perspective on how to mindfully respond to the tears on the podcast. We can evolve past our old ingrained traumas, which is what the Yoga is trying to teach us. We can experience old memories through the course of breathing and stretching our tissues; bringing up old scars. When we are ready to move on and let this go….. we undertake this practice of release without tensing around it.

Check this and more from Ty out in this week's episode of the Yoga Revealed Podcast! Thank you for listening!


3 of Ty’s Book recommendations:

  1. Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism - Chogyam Trungpa
  2. Aparokshanubhuti - Shankaracharya
  3. Tripura Rahasya - Unknown Author

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With love for life, We bow to YOU!


Alec Rouben