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Feb 29, 2016

Jason Nemer: Finding Connection and building TRUST.

Why do we yearn for connection and understanding in our relationships? We answer these questions and more in today's interview with AcroYoga Co-Founder Jason Nemer!

Namaste Yogis, This is Andrew Sealy here to welcome you to The YOGA REVEALED PODCAST! Today we fly high with AcroYoga Founder Jason Nemer.  Jason is a community connector, who has lead the rapid expansion of AcroYoga internationally through his passion for Divine Play.  Jason’s enthusiasm for Acrobatics is second only to his devout  practice of Yoga. He is a world traveling nomadic yogi who has introduced world leaders, and super star celebrities to the true power of human connection through AcroYoga.


In this episode Jason Reveals his TOP 3 tips for staying sane while traveling the world.  Jason also dives deep on the importance of true human connection in society in this day and age.  We went deep on some of the key factors to creating connection and finding balance in life’s many relationships.


Get ready to go hand to hand as,  As we stack up with the AcroYoga Man, Jason Nemer on this outstanding episode of the Yoga Revealed Podcast.

Thank you for tuning into this episode of the Yoga Revealed Podcast with Jason Nemer.  Make sure to check out AcroYoga.Org for Jason’s teaching schedule and AcroYoga classes immersions and teacher trainings near you. For daily inspiration check out @AcroYoga’s instagram and Youtube channel.  For more awesome Yoga Revealed episodes Be sure to subscribe on itunes, and drop us a 5 star review if you truly appreciate the interviews we do! We can’t thank you enough for your contribution to the Yoga Revealed Community. Catch us at for a free Manifesto document that will inspire your New Year and keep you motivated for .  You can find us on Soundcloud, Youtube and Instagram too. Until next time Live Light SHINE BRIGHT yogis!

Feb 25, 2016

My friends, welcome to the Yoga Revealed Podcast! We have some exciting interviews to share with you! My name is Alec Rouben and it truly is a blessing to share with you what we ALL love! Yoga!

It is rare when we get to connect with a yoga teacher that has been practicing for over 40 years. Mary Taylor is a prime example for us all to live our Yoga. I first met Mary knowing nothing about Ashtanga Yoga when I walked into the Yoga Workshop two years ago. Mary was there and has guided me forward to this day, being one of my greatest influences, next her husband, Richard Freeman. Mary teaches daily morning mysore classes at the Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado. She exudes kindness, compassion, and patience while teaching and communicating to her students and peers.


Interviewing Mary during this hour was very smooth and full of insight. I was grateful to be at Richard’s home for the second time, interviewing Mary in her small personal practice room on the top floor of their home. She pours wisdom from each sentence shared, allowing us to stretch and ponder over new perspectives and ideals found in the Yoga practice.


There is something to say about anyone who has been practicing since the early 70’s. These master students are dedicated to the true wisdom of Yoga- an awakening within. It is my hope to follow in such footsteps, and just as Mary has, inspire others to do the same. Continue to study, learn, and deepen the practice on this path; no matter what style of Yoga one practices!  


Tune into to this episode of the Yoga Revealed Podcast and hear from Mary Taylor, one of Boulder, Colorado’s absolute favorite Yoga Teachers! She is guaranteed to inspire you and continue practice with great faith to a beautiful unfolding!


Check out the and you can try to catch Mary when she is teaching alongside Richard Freeman. If you’re ever in Boulder, swing by the workshop Monday through Friday and practice Mysore with Mary in the Morning!


The Yoga Revealed team is ever grateful for YOU, the Yoga Revealers! Sharing these insightful interviews with you is our dream come true and we hope it continues to illuminate inner visions within your Yoga Practice!   IF you value these interviews, please rate us with a 5 stared review on the podcast app & visit to sign up for the 2016 MANIFESTO!  We have exciting gifts and opportunities to share with you! Let’s stay in touch!


Until next time, Stay in your practice, Love Life & Shine on!

Feb 22, 2016

Today, Koya Webb teaches us how we can learn to fully love our essence through the practice of yoga.


Namaste Yogis, This is Andrew Sealy here to welcome YOU to The YOGA REVEALED PODCAST! Today we get LOVED UP with international Health and Fitness star Koya Webb.  Be prepared to be uplifted and inspired by Koya’s infectious drive! Her dedication has landed her the amazing opportunity to inspire millions as a celebrity health coach, yoga teacher, and avid AcroYoga practitioner. Listen close as she reveals her true passion for leading a healthy lifestyle by never forgetting to Get Loved Up and give with compassion!


On this episode, Koya reveals how Yoga was first revealed to her as she was competing for the track team and had a back injury that doctors said would end her athletic career. Koya speaks of the importance of believing in yourself when no one else is there to support you. We also dig deep into the depth of Koya Webb’s discipline and reasoning behind being vegan.


Listen in as we learn how to create momentum to WIN with Koya Webb on today’s episode of the Yoga Revealed Podcast.

Thank you for tuning into this episode of the Yoga Revealed Podcast with Koya Webb.  Make sure to check out for more details on her upcoming classess, travel schedule, and new Get Loved Up program.  You can also find her on the front cover of Oxygen Magazine where she speaks on topics revealed in this episode.  For more awesome Yoga Revealed episodes Be sure to subscribe on itunes, and drop us a 5 star review if you truly appreciate the interviews we do! We can’t thank you enough for your encouragement and support. Catch us at for a free Manifesto document that will inspire your daily practice and keep you on track for greater success. You can find more Yoga Revealed content on Soundcloud, Youtube and Instagram too. Until next time Live Light SHINE BRIGHT yogis!

Feb 18, 2016

The Thread of Yoga Revealed


Namaste, Yoga practitioners! Thank you for checking out the Yoga Revealed Podcast BlogPost! Today we hear from an amazing individual, Richard Freeman, who has been practicing yoga since 1968. This is Alec Vishal Rouben and it is truly an honor to share this interview with you. Let’s share the story of how this interview unfolded…


My personal yoga journey began at CorePower Yoga, in the heat, trying to understand my body, habitual patterns of my mind, and life itself. In my first few years of practice, I was a go getter for the asana! A few years would pass and I became more thirsty for the depth that Yoga held. So, I began practicing at the Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado, under the guidance of Ty Landrum, Richards Senior student, and Mary Taylor, Richards Wife. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, as taught by Shri K. Pattabhi Jois; GuruJi developed the primary series and five other advancing series for practitioners to move through, building tapas (discipline) and a cultivation of devotion.


One year at the workshop would pass and I would be accepted into Richard Freeman’s Teachers Intensive in July of 2015. This was a huge honor and it was sure intense! I had taken Richards class a few times before, but this was on another level of cultivating a genuine Student-Teacher Relationship. I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to study with Richard and Mary. I had manifested an authentic teacher, dedicated to the path. (Check back NEXT thursday for an interview with Mary Taylor!) If you have ever taken Richards class, you know how mindful, articulate, and slow paced the movements and breath patterns are. Leaving out the heat, mirrors, and music; distraction is brought down, creating more observation for the vrittis (thoughts) to pass through without attaching.


It was a chilly Boulder afternoon when I arrived to Richard Freeman’s home. I pulled up with a sense of comfortable nervousness. To Interview a Master teacher…an incredible blessing and honor it is. Richard opened the screen door and out came his 13 year old dog, Ruby, who needed help to climb the stairs. Richard and I later discussed how beautiful it is to recognize yourself within animals, sometimes easier than it is to do so within other humans.


Richard takes me upstairs to his practice room and I lay down my laptop and recording device upon his extra long Manduka yoga mat, where two old style blankets rest, one for me, and one for Richard.


He passes me a cup of water in a Stainless Steel cup. These cups shine with presence.

I say, “These remind me of my Nani’s cups! They were from India.”

Richard responds, “ These are from India. ~Richards long pause~ Pattabhi Jois and B.K.S. Iyengar have sipped from this same cup.”


I contained my excitement as my I sipped from the steel cup, almost as if I was taking in sweet nectar. Amrita.


And so we began. I interviewed Richard Freeman, Soaking up an hour of embodied wisdom as he has studied and enveloped himself in this way of life, in a mindfulness practice that dives far beyond the single facet of asana.


Richard has been different from the beginning, he shares. You could consider Richard a Black Sheep in the Ashtanga Community. However, we won’t tell anyone that he uses props; keeping the postures a little more tailored to the individual.


Listen to this podcast to hear from a true student in the practice, an example for us all to continue our studies, no matter if we teach or not. Plus, you will get a few tips for the natural experience of plateauing in Yoga.

There is so much golden wisdom within this podcast and it is such a joy to share this with you. I encourage you to find a local Ashtanga Studio and give Mysore style practice a try (self-guided primary series…. use the cheat sheet for the poses!). One of the tips Richard offers is for individuals to try new studios and styles!


Richard Freeman and his wife, Mary Taylor are releasing a book in November of 2016, titled the Art Of Vinyasa. Look out for that! You can PREorder their new book here:

Visit The and try to catch Richard as he travels the world teaching Yoga. You can find one of Richards Books titled, The Mirror Of Yoga and studio talks from over the years at  


Richard will be teaching at the Hanuman Festival Located in Boulder, Colorado during June of 2015.


ALSO, check this video out! It’s beautiful how YOGA RUINS YOUR LIFE! :)


My name is Alec Vishal Rouben and it is an honor to mirror the wisdom of yoga back to you. Thank you for tuning in! If you would go to iTunes and rate Yoga Revealed Podcast with 5 stars, we would be eternally grateful! Thank you for subscribing to us and stay tuned for the next episode!


If you have teachers that you want to hear from, LET US KNOW! What do YOU want to know about from them? Please comment and share with us! We care about this practice just as much as you, So let’s live our yoga together!


With infinite gratitude,


Feb 15, 2016

When I met MacKenzie Miller about 3 years ago in Seattle I knew she was someone who would be in my life for quite some time.  Her fun loving personality and knowledgeable teachings were something I looked forward to about 2 times a week after work.  Her and Patrick Beach were the only two teachers I really resonated with for my short 3 month stay in Seattle.  When I learned that she was moving to LA I was absolutely ecstatic.


In this revealing interview with MacKenzie Miller we go deep into her passion for yoga and how it has shaped her life.  She touches on some of her most vulnerable experiences and what she has learned from them.  The interview took place after a full immersive day together that started with a meditation lead by her in Venice Beach, Ca.  Then we went to Chad Hamrin’s class, who she speaks of in great detail, further in this interview.  


I start off by asking, “When Yoga was First revealed to Mackenzie?”

She describes her past as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor who would take all the classes offered just to experience what else was out there.  She has always had a passion for physiology and anatomy so Yoga came easy for her in the beginning. She really gravitated to her first teacher who challenged her to arm balances.  Mackenzie was often used as the demo because she was pretty flexible and had the strenght to demonstrate some of the more physically demanding postures in class.  Although she loves the physical practice and it’s aesthetics, she is a firm believer that the “Brain’s are the sexiest muscle in the Body.”


The teachers MacKenzie Miller is most inspired by:

1 Tiffany Cruikshank The only person who she has truly “studied” with. MacKenzie’s beloved teacher Tiffany has been a huge inspiration in her evolution and teaching style.  She has invested time and money in training with her teacher and friend because she truly values Tiffany’s depth in knowledge and genuine passion for teaching anatomy in Yoga Medicine.  She watches her grow and evolve as a person. Tiffany holds a degree in Sports Medicine and Chinese Medicine alike.

  1. Chad Hamrin “The Hammer” as MacKenzie calls him, is the teacher she goes to on a weekly basis to practice with while in LA.  “There is something to be said about someone who has been teaching for 20 years.” she laughs. She says he is one of the teachers who is willing to mess with you and truly practices and lives his yoga.  It’s not about him it’s about the practice of YOGA.  He is quirky and weird and Mackenzie likes that.
  2. Kathryn Budig MacKenzie found Kathryn to be her favorite teacher to practice with during the time that she was new to Yoga Works and LA.  She says that Kathryn inspired her vinyasa yoga teachings and dynamic body movements that she teaches today.  Kathryn also suggested that MacKenzie study with Tiffany and since then she has has become one of Tiffany’s master assistants.

What are qualities of a dynamic teacher?

“You have to be a student,” says MacKenzie.  “It’s easy to get lured into the fantastic poses in today’s Instagram vinyasa inspired world. Don't be distracted by the seemingly endless beauty of these advanced looking postures. We must quiet the mind and continue to explore. Constant exploration and willingness to explore helps us grow.”


MacKenzie’s past

MacKenzie has used Yoga, exercise, and meditation to deal with her most dark times.  

Her father figure committed suicide at 18 in her first semester of college at LMU. Addiction, death and painful subjects are things that she is open to talk about because she feels they are the best way to gain strength and overcome the shadow side.  In this interview she talks extensively about her shadow side and why it is important to acknowledge it.


“Hurt people, hurt people.”  MacKenzie describes in depth her past, being abandoned often and feeling alone at times in her life.  She found herself doing the opposite in her most recent relationship. This time she was holding onto her partner in efforts to do the opposite of what she had done before. She felt powerless in her strength. Her adrenals were shot and she was unhappy. Therefore she knew she could no longer go on with this relationship.  She decided that LA was not the best place for her.


The non stop travel time is very exhausting for MacKenzie and she realized that LA was a very stimulating place.  Instead of being a place that she could retreat to and call home, she realized that LA was draining her. She was ready to go back to Seattle; to her sweet spot, to the place where she feels best and finds the energy to excel.


Mackenzie’s Yoga Evolution

When I first met MacKenzie in Seattle her yoga style was a mix between a hot vinyasa and a sweaty yin.  It has certainly evolved since the first time that we met.  Her dynamic movement and intuitive flow is what I loved most when I was in Seattle. After practicing with her in LA for the recent filming of her new Cody App plan Fit Flow Strong, I was re-inspired by her skill and dynamic sequence.  Her unique approach to teaching a Yoga class that incorporated High Intensity Interval Training left me absolutely drenched.  Brihony and MacKenzie make an amazing team, and you have to check out their last Cody App.


We also touched on the details of how MacKenzie’s practice of yoga has turned her on to a documentary that changed her perspective on what she eats and why.  She rants and raves about the impact that “CowSpiracy” has made on here eating habits and health.  She also touches on some of the books that have helped her to develop an optimistic mindset of self empowered selfless inspiration.


MacKenzie’s 3 Recommended Books

The 4 Agreements

Daring Greatly

Molecules of Emotion

MacKenzie’s Nugget of TRUTH!

“If you want to really get to know yourself, TRAVEL ALONE. It reaffirms that there are so many kind, loving, people out there.  People are are genuinely kind. “


BOOK that she reveals.

“You can Heal your Life” Louise Hay

LMU Yoga Program

Yoga Works Main st.


CowSpiricy revealed a different perspective to her on sustainability

She grew up in Seattle eating deer and wild game that was hunted by friends.

A “Beer and burger type of girl.” goes Vegan. “Anytime you put a label on things you are limiting yourself.” says Mackenzie Miller

Feb 11, 2016

On this episode of the Yoga Revealed podcast, we sit with Seane Corn as she gives insight on how Compassionate Activism will change the world.  


Namaste Yogis, This is Andrew Sealy here to welcome YOU to The YOGA REVEALED PODCAST! Today I have one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE teachers on the Podcast. Seane Corn.  When I first met her, she had this aura of pure confidence and absolute passion that truly inspired me to share this podcast with ALL of You! Through her leadership and passion for Yoga, Seane Corn has become a reputable Activist, a highly acclaimed yoga teacher and a true selfless voice for those in need.  On this episode of the Yoga Revealed Podcast, you’ll learn to create and motivate sustainable change in your community through mindful activism.


Listen close as Seane Corn reveals her path from OCD, to becoming a thought leader with a mind humble and becomes FREE on today’s episode of the Yoga Revealed Podcast, with Seane Corn.


Thank you for tuning into this episode of the Yoga Revealed Podcast with Seane Corn.  Make sure to check out for more details on her upcoming classes and travel schedule. To keep up with how Sean is changing lives around the world check out

 We are most grateful for YOU! Our Yoga Revealers for tuning in today. You are appreciated for your support and contribution as a loyal listener of the Yoga Revealed Podcast. We will continue to bring inspirational, uplifting interviews your way EVERY week to help you become the brightest light that you can BE in your community. So do us a favor and MAKE sure to subscribe on itunes, and drop us a 5 star review, if you appreciate what we do!


We can’t thank you enough for your encouragement and support. Catch us at for a free Manifesto document that will inspire your New Year and keep you on track for greater success.  You can find more Yoga Revealed content on Soundcloud, Youtube and Instagram too. Until next time, Live Light SHINE BRIGHT yogis!

Feb 8, 2016

Today we speak with "BryceYoga" founders Briohny and Dice!


On this episode Briohny and Dice reveal how we can find better balance through love in relationship and practice, while growing the Inspiration Generation.


Namaste yogis!

This is Andrew Sealy here to welcome you to another insightful episode of The Yoga REVEALED Podcast! Today I have not only one, but two absolutely awesome yogis to share with you! Brihony and Dice speak on their bustling yoga career and how they keep their relationship SPICY while teaching yoga, traveling the world, and parenting 2 children.


Listen close as we give you the double dose on this great episode of the Yoga Revealed Podcast with Brihony and Dice!

Brihony and Dice are a well balanced couple who share what it takes to build a strong relationship that allows for flexibility in choice.


On this episode we talk about:

  • The depth of their thriving yoga relationship
  • The challenges of being a traveling yoga couple
  • The power of positive manifestation.
  • How to keep your Yoga relationship fresh and fun through communication.

You can find out more on Brihony and Dice at  For more information on their inversion workshops and teacher trainings worldwide check out their website or drop into one of their many workshops around the globe. Also make sure to check out their great yoga lifestyle festival at This is your direct access point to the biggest Instagram yoga conference on the west coast.

Thank you for tuning into this episode of the Yoga Revealed Podcast.  Be sure to subscribe on itunes, and drop us a 5 star review if you truly appreciate the interviews we do!  You can find us on Soundcloud, Youtube and Instagram too. Until next time Live Light SHINE BRIGHT yogis! 

Feb 4, 2016

World traveling instructor and Ocean Diving Yogi, Amy Ippoliti started practicing yoga in the 80’s before yoga was on the rise to becoming a trend. In this episode of Yoga Revealed, we dive into aspects of what yoga is today from someone who has studied with many masters of the lineage. If you are a yoga instructor, listening to Amy’s business model through her 90 Minutes to Change the World is going to be a game changer for you! Absorb the tools to run successful workshops and retreats!


I first met Amy Ippoliti practicing yoga at prAna in Boulder and I knew right away there was an inspired amount of wisdom that he had gained through her own practice, which came out in her classes. Her personality and dedication to learning brought her into Boulder, eventually opening up 90 Monkeys. The interview takes place in her beautiful humble studio on a lovely Boulder, Colorado day.


We start off by hearing her introduction to the practice studying with masters of the Ashtanga, Jiva Mukti, and Iyengar lineage back in the 90’s, which was the catalyst to taking her first of many trainings with Cindy Lee in NYC.


“So much of practice to me, is about community. Or the growth that i have as a person is the relationship to kalyana-mitra. which means, Friend on the Path.” Keeping friends close in the practice of yoga continually allows us to tap into our collective awakening.


What is your duty as a yoga instructor?

The biggest gift we can give our students as instructors is to practice, to stay curious through the practice and exploration of growth.

For the world, yoga helps us raise awareness, but it truly allows us to take ACTION! To make a difference, to be more kind, be more deliberate in our choices.


It’s all about the company that we keep.... get back into your community, Amy says! Meet new friends, new kalyana-mitra’s!


How Do We Become Better Students? Better Teachers?

Amy says, that to be a student, there is a way we disconnect through the internets and updates of apps and such, in this way we are always getting into the Next Big Thing. We must look back and to be a powerful student, we must look forward and be in the present, and acknowledge what came before us, so we can take information and wisdom and integrate it. LEARN FROM THE PAST! Find a mentor.


Teachers of this practice! Finding a mentor, no matter how long we have studied, becomes an expression to the level of studentship and devotion to the span of time working with your teachers. Stay Tethered by taking trainings and searching for continual guidance.


Check out Amy’s philosophy about teaching yoga and how to be successful in building public classes, retreats, social media, which is all information she lets you in by signing up for her webinar at  90 Minutes.

Tune into this interview and hear all about Amy’s challenge with capturing underwater photography with the planets largest gentle giants, the manta rays, whale sharks, and dolphins! Yogi in the sea!


Amy’s nugget of wisdom for the Yoga Revealed Community!

Ritual. Embrace ritual in some form on a daily basis. Something that makes you wake up in the morning and want to HELP someone else have a better day. Step into Seva for yourself, into order to serve others!


Take Amy’s Training in Boulder, Colorado:

Upcoming events:

Teacher Training:


Practice with Amy online at!


Namaste, my friends! It is always an honor to share the love of yoga. Stay inspired, Stay in your practice, and LOVE LIFE!


your brother,

Alec Rouben

Feb 2, 2016

YogaBeyond: Follow your Bliss: Love, Partnership, and Communication.


Does "Yoga" come to mind when you think of the word "Communication"?  YogaBeyond founders Honza and Claudine reveal this in and more in our interview today.  

Namaste yogis, This is Andrew Sealy here to welcome you to The Yoga Revealed Podcast! Today I have the pleasure of interviewing not one, but two awesome YOGIS! Honza and Claudine. This dynamic duo known as “YogaBeyond” travel the world sharing the beauty of partner yoga.  Listen in as they take us on a journey of worldwide discovery while finding trust, balance, and strength in their thriving relationship.


Keep your sights to the sky and get ready to FLY on this dynamic episode of the Yoga Revealed Podcast; with power couple Honza and Claudine also know as YogaBeyond!

You can find out more about Honza and Claudine at  For more information on their partner acrobatic training check out their website or drop into one of their many “AcroVinyasa” trainings, festivals, or workshops. Be sure to follow their travels around the world on Instagram @YogaBeyond


Thank you for tuning into this episode of the Yoga Revealed Podcast.  Be sure to subscribe on itunes, and drop us a 5 star review if you truly appreciate the interviews we do!  You can find us on Soundcloud, Youtube, and Instagram too. Until next time Live Light SHINE BRIGHT yogis!


See for more information